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Which Previous Generations is Gen Z Most Like?

I went along to the February evening meeting of the Media Research Group where Isabella O’Duffy of The 7 Stars was talking about her report, “Talkin’ About a New Generation”.  It’s about Gen Z, born since the mid-nineties. Isabella pointed … Continue reading

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Is there something in the driving seat that should be in the toolbox? Thoughts on a recent keynote by Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland was the keynote speaker at the Media Research Group annual conference recently.  As usual it was a thought-provoking presentation and a whistle-stop tour of a thousand great ideas. Let me see what I can distil from it for … Continue reading

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Marketing the Media Research Industry

I was recently asked to do a 5-minute soapbox session at the annual Media Research Group conference. I used it to describe how a marketing and PR strategy for the Media Research industry might look. Here is my script. “Media … Continue reading

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Engaging the Young with News

I remember a chart showing print newspaper reading by age.  The bars stepped upwards as each ten-year cohort read a little more than those younger than them.  It often led editors to conclude that people develop a print newspaper habit. … Continue reading

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Friday Lyric Quiz: Ten Types of Responder

Every Friday, on Twitter, I publish a Friday Lyric Quiz.  The format is simple; guess the lyric.  There’s no prize, just the joy of getting it right.  I first started it ten years ago when I got the idea from … Continue reading

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Measuring apples and apples: OOH and online advertising

Recently I took up a temporary position as acting head of research at Exterion Media, the company that run the ads on the London Underground, on buses and some of the over-ground train network.  It was an interesting time and I … Continue reading

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How digital assistants will change media research between now and 2028

Recently I was invited to speak in a debate at the Media Research Group (MRG) conference in Bratislava. We had to imagine what media research would look like in 2028.  I chose to concentrate on the effect digital assistants will … Continue reading

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