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Marketing the Media Research Industry

I was recently asked to do a 5-minute soapbox session at the annual Media Research Group conference. I used it to describe how a marketing and PR strategy for the Media Research industry might look. Here is my script. “Media … Continue reading

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How digital assistants will change media research between now and 2028

Recently I was invited to speak in a debate at the Media Research Group (MRG) conference in Bratislava. We had to imagine what media research would look like in 2028.  I chose to concentrate on the effect digital assistants will … Continue reading

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The complexities of measuring newspapers in the digital age

This is a piece I wrote for The Media Briefing about the Media Research Group conference that I attended in Berlin. Last week the Media Research Group held their annual conference in Berlin.  The organisation is 50 years old and … Continue reading

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Will newsbrands disagree on what to do about advertising – but sweetly agree about data?

After attending several days’ worth of media conferences recently a dramatic story has lodged in my head. Two siblings are let down in love. One decides that the other sex cannot be trusted and tries to live as independently as … Continue reading

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