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Is there something in the driving seat that should be in the toolbox? Thoughts on a recent keynote by Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland was the keynote speaker at the Media Research Group annual conference recently.  As usual it was a thought-provoking presentation and a whistle-stop tour of a thousand great ideas. Let me see what I can distil from it for … Continue reading

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How digital assistants will change media research between now and 2028

Recently I was invited to speak in a debate at the Media Research Group (MRG) conference in Bratislava. We had to imagine what media research would look like in 2028.  I chose to concentrate on the effect digital assistants will … Continue reading

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Insights into happiness, satisfaction and achievement

In my last blog I wrote about the three research projects I’d undertaken as part of my work with ESI Media. One was about Commuter Commerce, another was about Londoners and the final one was called Achievement. Project Achievement was … Continue reading

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The characters of UK cities and out-of-home ad exposure

Earlier this year I delivered my second piece of analysis for Route Research Ltd. My first project for them had looked at the topic of commuting and the impact of commuting on out-of-home (OOH) ad exposure. This time around I … Continue reading

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Marketing has love for you if you were born in the eighties

This is part of a script that I ghost-wrote for Nick Hewat (now the commercial lead at The Guardian) for a presentation about the spending power of the baby boomer generation.  He was presenting to audiences of twenty and thirty … Continue reading

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Can bad drivers sell cars?

Recently I found myself driving on the M25 whilst advising my passenger, a new driver, about motorway driving. I reflected on one piece of advice later. I told her to keep an eye on the rear view mirror particularly to … Continue reading

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Why are politicians losing the trust of the people?

I often find myself wincing at the radio when politician after politician blames the opposing party for whatever is being discussed.  I sense that politicians use “the other lot” excuse more often these days.  It is easy to blame it … Continue reading

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