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The characters of UK cities and out-of-home ad exposure

Earlier this year I delivered my second piece of analysis for Route Research Ltd. My first project for them had looked at the topic of commuting and the impact of commuting on out-of-home (OOH) ad exposure. This time around I … Continue reading

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Marketing has love for you if you were born in the eighties

This is part of a script that I ghost-wrote for Nick Hewat (now the commercial lead at The Guardian) for a presentation about the spending power of the baby boomer generation.  He was presenting to audiences of twenty and thirty … Continue reading

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Can bad drivers sell cars?

Recently I found myself driving on the M25 whilst advising my passenger, a new driver, about motorway driving. I reflected on one piece of advice later. I told her to keep an eye on the rear view mirror particularly to … Continue reading

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Why are politicians losing the trust of the people?

I often find myself wincing at the radio when politician after politician blames the opposing party for whatever is being discussed.  I sense that politicians use “the other lot” excuse more often these days.  It is easy to blame it … Continue reading

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The cards dealt to the baby boomers and younger generations

Could Generation Y “end Britain’s love affair with car ownership”?  I just read in Marketing that TNS predict they might.  In part this is for positive reasons like the increase of car sharing, new digital models for motor rentals and … Continue reading

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