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Newspapers and the nature of the Internet

I live in Greenwich and love the area. Interesting things have gone on there for centuries. There’s a regular event in The Greenwich Tavern (The Greenwich Series) where people discuss what they do and what interests them. I tweet a … Continue reading

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The behavioural economics of golf

It seems behavioural economics can teach amateur golfers (like me) a thing or two. In fact, the caddies have a name for it. In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize winning behavioural economist, discusses two golfers on … Continue reading

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The cards dealt to the baby boomers and younger generations

Could Generation Y “end Britain’s love affair with car ownership”?  I just read in Marketing that TNS predict they might.  In part this is for positive reasons like the increase of car sharing, new digital models for motor rentals and … Continue reading

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