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Why are politicians losing the trust of the people?

I often find myself wincing at the radio when politician after politician blames the opposing party for whatever is being discussed.  I sense that politicians use “the other lot” excuse more often these days.  It is easy to blame it … Continue reading

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Quality content to be king again (and word count will matter)

Reflecting on the fortunes of newspaper companies as digital disruption took hold, journalist and digital strategist Kevin Anderson wrote, “Digital advertising is booming, but the problem has been that newspapers simply haven’t captured that revenue… most of that revenue has … Continue reading

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Because you’re worth it (and your personal data proves it)

Something earned is something appreciated. In the age of personal data it is easier to be rewarded because we can prove how much we’ve earned it. That creates a really great opportunity for marketing directors. More personal data is available … Continue reading

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How is your shopping arriving? 3D printer or drone?

This Christmas an increased percentage of my shopping was, of course, done online. I also used Click and Collect for the first time. Perhaps next year I’ll be picking up packages from the spaces in London Underground stations where once … Continue reading

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2014 – Will the Internet become more manageable and less disruptive?

The Internet is obese. It is a huge mass of constantly growing content that is becoming misshapen and less structured as time goes by. The Atlantic described the Internet as a place where, in the last few years, order has … Continue reading

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Would you subscribe if they paid you?

If news providers are to ever really command online loyalty they will need to offer subscriptions that include a promise that the subscriber will not access rival newsbrand sites. This is different to a conventional paywall. Advertisers are told that … Continue reading

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