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Engaging the Young with News

I remember a chart showing print newspaper reading by age.  The bars stepped upwards as each ten-year cohort read a little more than those younger than them.  It often led editors to conclude that people develop a print newspaper habit. … Continue reading

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To Print or Not to Print: The Publisher’s Dilemma

I’ve recently joined with a few industry luminaries in a venture called Red River Blue.  As a freelancer it is always good to join forces occassionaly with others to see what might come of collaboration.  To get their site up and running … Continue reading

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Now we have a penetration figure for wearables it is time to think about their role for newsbrands

There’s a new stat in town. For a while now the news industry has been obsessed by the smartphone penetration stat. According to Ofcom it currently sits at 61% of the UK adult population. Of even more interest (to those … Continue reading

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Quality content to be king again (and word count will matter)

Reflecting on the fortunes of newspaper companies as digital disruption took hold, journalist and digital strategist Kevin Anderson wrote, “Digital advertising is booming, but the problem has been that newspapers simply haven’t captured that revenue… most of that revenue has … Continue reading

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