Holiday mCommerce – the new Jackie Collins

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This week I presented at a breakfast conference given by JC Decaux Airport to mark the launch of their new “Possibility Guaranteed” proposition to the market.

When I was helping myself to coffee before the event I spoke to someone from a media agency. She said that what she’d most like to hear about is money spent via mCommerce by people on holiday.

It was great to hear that because it was exactly what I was about to present! It put a spring in my step.

I gave my paper the quirky title, ‘The New Jackie Collins’ and my point was that the time holidaymakers would traditionally spend reading (and Jackie Collins has to be the ultimate holiday novel writer) can now be spent shopping on their mobile phone.

I’m very interested in the idea that traditional reading occasions are now becoming shopping occasions too. Previously I’ve conducted research looking at the money people now spend via mCommerce on their commutes. Now, along with JC Decaux, I’ve investigated the time people spend on sun loungers and deck chairs and in airports – and the money they spend via mobile from there.

Holiday mCommerce, as I call it, has gone from nothing to a market worth £4.4bn a year in just a few years, according to my research. If it rises in line with mCommerce projections it will be worth £7.5bn four years from now.

Here are ten highlights from the research:

  1. 83% of those who flew on holiday from a UK airport last year took a smartphone and half took a tablet computer. In fact, 95% used at least one Internet enabled device.
  2. 29% of people who flew on holiday last year downloaded something at the airport on the way out. 11% downloaded something on their flight and 10% downloaded something at an airport they changed planes at.
  3. 43% of those flying on holiday make at least one online purchase at an airport, on a plane or at the destination.
  4. A third of those who fly on holiday describe online shopping as a BIG ACTIVITY on holiday these days and say they’re doing more of it now than ever before.
  5. 20% bought groceries online at the airport and half of them spent over £100 on groceries. Have you ever worried that if your plane is late on the return trip you’ll miss your Sainsbury’s order?
  6. 12% bought clothes online when at the airport. Half spent over £90.
  7. 67% of people who download things at the airport or on holiday love looking at airport advertising. They’re 22% more likely to enjoy it than the average air traveller.
  8. 72% of people who buy online at the airport or on holiday love looking at airport advertising. They’re 30% more likely to enjoy it than the average air traveller
  9. Two thirds of downloaders and buyers say they’re thinking about things to buy in airports. Two thirds also say they’re less price-sensitive than usual when in airports.
  10. Four out of five holidaymakers’ look for accommodation that has WiFi. No wonder most sun lounger shoppers say they will be doing more of it in the future.

The research breaks out the spend data by category so there is plenty in it that will be super-useful to media agencies. It is a neat little project and certainly worth re-visiting in time as this market place really takes off.

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