Looking forward by looking back.

After my series of three blogs during the World Cup gained some interest for NewsWorks (the marketing board for the national press) they asked me to write a further blog about sport during the summer of 2014.  There was plenty about to start and plenty that had just ended.  I chose as my theme the sport journalism tactic of looking forward by looking back.  here’s how it went…

“Neil Sharman looks at newsbrands, nostalgia, excitement and sport.

There’s plenty of ‘looking forward by looking back’ on the sports pages this week. Perhaps the end of The Greatest World Cup Ever prompted an outbreak of the tactic ‘reflection to build anticipation’.

Here are some examples and there are also a few questions to test sporting memories.


The Mirror examine this year’s Tour crashes. They mark Alberto Contador’s bravery (riding 20km with a broken tibia) by listing injured sportspeople who played on. The Independent looks at France’s “29 years of hurt” – they haven’t won the Tour in that time. Can you name any Frenchmen in contention now?


Jimmy jostled Jadeja (allegedly). The Telegraph explore cricketing bust ups. Jimmy has not yet chased his rival to the boundary with a stump (like one of the examples) but there’s time. MailOnline list the top five bowlers who have taken test wickets on English soil. Jimmy is now top of the list. Who did he overtake?


As The Open tees off at Hoylake The Sun remember Tiger Woods’ stunning 2006 victory there and map out his Open record. Can you remember the two years, since 1995, that he didn’t compete in the British Open*? He’s back now. The Telegraph has some of big golfing names relive their memories of Tiger’s masterclass 2006.

Club Football

As Ashley Cole arrives at Roma The Mirror review how English players have fared overseas. The Telegraph, noting Suarez’s exit from Merseyside, looks at how clubs coped when they lost their talisman. Import Van Gaal has had his ‘to do’ list written for him by The Standard but MailOnline note the Dutchman hasn’t got off to a flyer before.

As clubs launch their 2014/15 sponsorships The Telegraph plot the evolution of kit launches. Blackburn’s bizarre launch is singled out by The Independent. Blackburn may lack the marketing savvy of MUFC whose deals for the new season are investigated by MailOnline. What is their new Adidas deal worth?

And of course, The World Cup

You can relive it via The Guardian’s 90-second World Cup. The Telegraph has a 60-second briefing on Mario Gotze. With an eye on the near horizon The Guardian have looked at the miles run at the tournament by Premiership stars. Guess which EPL side’s players used up the most energy this summer?

We could end with the German celebrations (The Mirror say they won the World Cup of Cool) but we’ll end instead with a the ex Sunderland player, once on £10k a week, who blew it all and now works on ships in the Shetlands.

But don’t look back in anger, I hear you say!

Here’s looking forward to the next few weeks of sport”.



*2008 and 2011

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