NewsBrands and the World Cup (3rd NewsWorks article)

This was my third commissioned piece (third of three) for NewsWorks (the marketing agency for the national press) on Newsbrands and the World Cup.  I’ve been concentrating on the quirky stories and fun content newsbrand websites have been carrying this week.  It was hard to ignore Suarez’s bite and England’s disgrace but there was plenty of other things to showcase.  My freelance work with YouGov has given me access to a few Omnibus derived stats too which I was able to include this week.

This was the week of That Bite.

Suarez’s gnashers netted a gambler £500 at odds of 175-1 but The Mirror’s sport psychologist says it was inevitable – he’ll bite again. The Standard have even revealed it will be at Aston Villa in January.  Worth a bet?

The Guardian compiled a list of other sporting Chomp-ians.

This blog celebrates such quirky angles – those gems in newsbrands that find the fun and banter in the World Cup stories of the week.

YouGov say 48% of newsbrand reading fans will pick second teams now no British teams are in it. Here’s some quirky criteria, uncovered by newsbrands, that you might want to use to pick your team.

Pluck.  The Guardian name five plucky teams and dissect their tactics. Costa Rica included.

Hair.  MailOnline show off some styles and The Telegraph have found a Mexican fan with (not a Mexican wave but) their goalkeeper’s image shaved in.

Cunning.  The Mirror worked out that losing teams have had around 40 injuries and 12.5 minutes on the floor. Winners had 103 injuries and 4x as much time splayed out.

Tenuous England connections. Team America might be German led but MailOnline claim Beckham turned the US soccerball crazy. MailOnline even revisited Beckham’s magic as the tournament’s oldest player once failed to stop Goldenballs.

Fans with attitude. The Independent translates the Argentine song that begins “Brazil, tell me how it feels, to be bossed about in your own backyard”. The Times tells of Chilean fans selling non-sponsors beer in the stands for £7 a can.

A Listers. The Independent had Will Ferrell geeing up American fans and Bruce Springsteen’s opinion of That Bite. Obama even appeared in an England shirt instead of Chris Smalling on a World Cup mug. The young lad responsible for the mix up was demoted so one person was punished for the flawed England mugs this summer.

But if picking a second side feels disloyal to England, don’t be downhearted. 14% of newsbrand reading fans think England will win The World Cup in their lifetime. The Standard and Telegraph have picked their England Euro 2016 sides already.

There’s also still something of England still in Brazil – you can watch The Mirror’s time-lapse footage of an England mural being created. Be warned though – it doesn’t end prettily. Even the three lions aren’t safe from Those Teeth.

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