Newsbrands and the World Cup (2nd NewsWorks article)

This is the second article I wrote about the quirky “carnival” of content that news brands have been running around Brazil 2014 this month.  It was commissioned by NewsWorks, the marketing agency for the national press.  It is a good reminder of how newspapers add to the fun and generate banter around these big sporting occasions.  This ran at the end of the first week of the group stage and was well received – generating many click thru’s from their Friday newsletter, Nuggets.

Hangovers during a four-week carnival are inevitable. The Spanish suffered theirs early and it is England’s turn. But with or without the trophy holders or three lions, Brazil ’14 parties on.

Last week we looked at how newsbrands whipped up the carnival spirit. Quirky stories sat alongside tournament news to add extra spice.

This week they’ve been able to draw on the action in and around the games. Here’s a few examples.

More Goals than Ever. The Telegraph’s data journalist sought to understand why.   Theories include the spread of talent, diversity of tactics, the golden era of attacking football and the warm weather.  If you want to pep up your own goal taking technique The Independent tell you how to take a ‘paradinha’ penalty like Neymar. If you dare!

Shocks and Surprises. The Mirror created a power ranking based on how teams have performed against their long-term form, recent results and the difficulty of their group. Costa Rica are the biggest winners so far. MailOnline celebrate Spain’s six years of dominance – and their early bath this week. They also checked the reaction of the Spanish press and boisterous Chilean celebrations. The Independent looked at some shocking and controversial ‘pantomime villain’ moments. If they haven’t shocked you enough already, here is the German coach picking his nose and then shaking Ronaldo’s hand.

Vive la (Sexy) Difference. The Guardian praises The World Cup’s ability to introduce us to other countries and their cultures. The Times used their time in Sao Paulo to investigate that city’s glamorous ‘helicopter set’. The Mirror appreciated the (sexiest) fans from different nations. Meanwhile The Mail found that other countries have better-looking presenters than ours – and they name the top ten Wags. The Independent names the nations who are and aren’t banning their players from pre-match sex. Scorchio!

The Premiership. Never far from our minds! The Independent think they have the ‘find’ of the World Cup – a future Premiership star! The Guardian identifies ‘Premiership misfits’ popping up in Brazil. They also take a look at the five young players who are the hopes of future Spanish (and probably Premiership) teams.

The Weird and the Strange. If none of that is strange enough for you, fear not. The Guardian recreated key moments in Lego. The Evening Standard has found famous World Cup moments in pizzas. The Telegraph features an artist who turned herself into the World Cup and a patriotic parrot. The Sun follows the fortunes of psychic animals and their predictions. So far crocodiles and Piranha’s are doing better than sea lions, eagles and foxes. However, topping the tree is a llama and a pig – both have so far been more right than Ian Wright (also appearing on the list).

If none of that has dispelled your post-match hangover take a look at these highlights of the England vs. Uruguay game. These are simulated highlights on the Telegraph’s site – happily, in this parallel universe, England win 2-0. Come on (virtual) England!

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